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Whitney Hilliard, LMT, CPMT

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Tips of the Week


Neck exercises

Tip of the Day: Do neck stretches. A lot of clients have been coming in with complaints of sore and stiff necks. So here's a quick neck stretch that you can do for yourself. 

From your head in a natural position (straight up) place your left ear on your left shoulder. Hold for 20 seconds. Then slowly, move back to natural postion. Now move your right ear to your right shoulder and hold for 20 seconds. You may feel some tightness. If you do this twice a day (morning and night) then your neck will feel better in a couple of days or before you come and see me. 

*** Warning, if you can't touch your ear to your shoulder or you have pain. STOP! Don't over do the stretch. Even though your not feeling a "stretch" doesn't mean your not stretching your muscles. Especially if your feeling pain, just don't do it until you see your DOCTOR or myself. 

That was Tip of the Day.